Bryan Lachapelle

Bryan Lachapelle

Hi, I’m Bryan, and I’m the President of B4 Networks. I started working with technology since early childhood, and routinely took apart computers as early as age 13. I received my education in Computer Engineering Technology from Niagara College. Starting B4 Networks was always a dream for me, and this dream became true in 2004. I originally started B4 Networks to service the residential market but found that my true passion was in the commercial and industrial sectors where I could truly utilize my experience as a Network Administrator for a large Toronto based Marine Shipping company. My passion today is to ensure that each and every client receives top of the line services. My first love is for my wonderful family. I also enjoy the outdoors, camping, and helping others. I’m an active Canadian Forces Officer working with the 613 Fonthill Army Cadets as a member of their training staff.

Appears in 14 Episodes

21. Cybersecurity for the Road Warrior

What do Mormon Crickets have to do with cybersecurity? TBD. Meanwhile, here are some crucial protections you need to have in place before you leave for that next busin...

20. Cybersecurity and Productivity on a Budget

Unconventional Tricks for Maximizing Tech ROI

19. The Benefits and Risks of Using AI in Your Business

Leveraging AI in your small business may be the most important thing you do. But make these mistakes, and it may be game-over.

18. Cloud Security: 4 Things Business Owners Need to Know

I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "I've moved to the cloud, now I'm safe!" Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, a recent study of 600 organizati...

17. But... What If I DO Get Hacked?

I like to say that once you've been hit, you can never get UnHacked. Well, let's take a look at the worst-case scenario and create a plan. Just in case.

16. A Security-Minded Culture is Your Best Defense in the War on Cyber Crime

In this episode, the hosts discuss the importance of company culture in cybersecurity. They emphasize the need for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity and create a ...

15. The War Room - Surviving Cyber Attacks

In a very literal sense, without the proper formula for cyber security, your business is likely to suffer an attack from which you may never recover. This episode coul...

13. Passwords Are a Huge PITA! Let's Fix That

I like to say, "If cybersecurity protections aren't a giant pain in the ass, you're probably not doing it right." Passwords come to mind. Super long, super complex, ne...

12. Keystroke Loggers: Is Your Janitor The Problem?

Your janitor has keys to your office and is expected to enter the building when nobody's home. What if they were paid to plant spy equipment on your computers? True st...

11. Make It Happen To Somebody Else

The sad reality of cybercrime (and crime in general) is that there will always be criminals. Like I was taught when I worked as an armed guard for an armored car compa...

10. The Russians Are Coming! and what to do about it

In most episodes we talk about the devastating financial and emotional cost of a breach. This time, as far as public record goes, "The company does not expect the inci...

9. Sorry You Were Hacked - Here's a $480M Lawsuit to Brighten Your Day

An Ontario hospital system is hit with ransomware. 20,000 appointments cancelled. 267,000 patient records leaked. 3,000 employee records leaked. That's all you've got?...

8. MGM CyberNightmare

Key point: It's all about the people. We are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. Training, policies and procedures, and 3rd party assessments are your friend.

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